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If you were not there 15 July 2023: Abhimanyu is sleeping while Niyati is sitting infront of the door, he mobile phone rings, she answers it and Sulochana questions if what Aanad has said is the truth, Niyati questions if they found out it all, Sulochana questions how can he forget her like this because he was at first ill and now even forgot her, Sulochana questions how would Abhimanyu get healthy, Ram from behind exclaims that she should ask Niyati to forget it and come back as Abhimanyu might not get healthy, Niyati requests her to try and calm down papa but Sulochana orders to either come back herself or she is going to come and bring her back as she cannot let her ruin the life just like that, Niyati is sleeping on the couch while it is raining, she wakes up because of the thunder and is also worried about Abhimanyu.

Niyati standing looking at the rain, thinks about the first meeting with Abhimanyu when he took down the umbrella for her, saying she must not hold it as she is already wet, but then how he forgot her today, she looking back at him closes the window. Niyati stands in front of Abhimanyu, looking at him in the eyes, she touches his forehead when he suddenly wakes up questioning what was she trying to do, she explains she was checking when he responds she was checking him at two thirty in the night, Abhimanyu asks if she is insane as what is she doing in his room, she explains she is his nurse so it is her responsibility to take care of him, he jokes saying he can never be with a girl like her, he walks to take a glass of water mentioning he got scared after seeing her in the bridal dress and asks if she was coming from her own wedding, she replies she was coming from he friend’s wedding but got late so needed to report on time.

Abhimanyu exclaims there is no problem since he is healthy and she should take some rest since they both cannot live together, and sleep in her room however Niyati explains this is her room since she is his nurse so has to be with him at all times, Abhimanyu mentions that it is a problem since he sometimes looses his mind, who knows he might kill her in anger so she will diw without any reason, Niyati gets scared, he says she must leave because he doesnot need her, he opens the door for her so she slowly walks out when he stopping her asks her to always ask before coming into his room.

Niyati standing outside the room thinks he has forgotten everything which is why he said all this so she cannot say anything to him because otherwise he might not be able to remain calm, Niyati sees a room, she is about to knock on it but wonders what is the need to disturb anyone, she walks down the stairs while Buzo comes to her, she massages him then opens the main door, walking out with Buzo who climbs the sofa, they both sit down together, when she starts petting him and placing her head against the sofa falls asleep.

In the morning, Buzo starts barking so Niyati wakes up to see that Sulochana is standing with Aanad infront of her, she is really mad, Niyati questions what are they doing her all of a sudden, Aanad questions what is she doing here in the clothes of a nurse and if she slept here all night, Niyati tries to explain that it is nothing like that but he replies what they saw was not the truth as he told them before that nothing good would happen with her, Sulochana says that she would not listen to anything that she is trying to say but Niyati explains that it is not like that and she is going to explain the entire truth, Buzo rushes to a room upstairs, Kinkar hearing him barking wonders what has happened so calls him, Buzo comes running to Kinkar, he asks what has happened. Amma jee also questions if he has seen a ghost but Buzo rushes outside, Kinkar is also stunned to see Sulochana Bhabhi and Dr Aanad, he asks if everything is fine.

Amma jee is also really excited to see Sulochana, she takes the blessings of Amma who asks why did she come all of a sudden as they might have sent a car, Sulochana says had she not come like that how could have she found out the truth that her daughter after being the daughter in law of the family slept outside on the sofa, Kinkar questions why did she not tell him, she could have even told Manaroma and Kichu bhai, but Kinkar requests her to come inside however Sulochana exclaims she would not enter the house where her daughter is not treated in a proper manner, Niyati questions why was is she escalating everything as it was her own fault, she fell asleep on the sofa, no one threw her out of the house, Aanad questions why is she still trying to protect these people who are illtreating her, as Abhimanyu used to mistreat her and now they are doing the same, Amma jee questions who is she to speak like that in English, he replies he is the most close friend of Niyati, Dr Aanad with whom she was about to get married, Amma is really shocked to hear this meanwhile Niyati is stunned, Aanad explains that Niyati married her mental son while rejecting him, Amma gets angry with Aanad, Niyati requests them all to calm down as it doesnot seem what can be seen, Sulochana exclaims the truth is that the person for whom she went against her father, has forgotten her and Manaroma or Kichu bhai do not care about her, she is adamant to take Niyati with her but she pleads with Sulochana to not do anything with in front of Abhimanyu as he is not well so might not be able to take the burden, she even sends Dadi and Kinkar inside to stop Abhimanyu from coming out, she is worried if he might suffer another attack, Sulochana requests Niyati to at least hear her but Abhimanyu calls Manaroma, Sulochana explains that she has the right to fear for Niyati, she will not make the same mistake twice, Niyati explain Abhimanyu is her husband and not healthy so needs her support, she pleads with Sulochana to leave and even requests Aanad to leave, Sulochana is just crying while looking at the condition of Niyati.

Niyati requests Dadi and Kinkar to go inside because if Abhimanyu comes outside and sees them both, it would create a lot of problem, Niyati informs Sulochana that Abhimanyu is her husband so she cannot leave his side, Abhimanyu hugs his Dadi informing that he slept really good last night and it has happened after a really long time, Manaroma also comes, he hugs her and when Dadi questions where is Kichu, she explains he had to leave because of some work.Niyati comes to welcome Abhimanyu, he explains that what was the need to hire such a nurse as she was in his bedroom in the night when he should be alone, Niyati starts crying, Manaroma tries to explains that it is her duty but Abhimanyu replies what kind of a duty is this as she was so close to him, he turning to her asks about her name,

she after wiping off the tears reveals it is Niyati, he replies what kind of a name is this as he is not even able to remember it.
Sulochana is standing beside the pillar, Aanad tries to persuade her saying they would not make the same mistake twice and will go back with Niyati, Sulochana replies she also feels the same when she hears Abhimanyu saying that he gets irritated after seeing her, Manaroma question what is this when she is taking care of him, he says no one can take care of him better then her, not any girl who is an outsider, he says he will not leave the house anymore but she should just send Niyati away, Sulochana is not able to bear it so enters the house, he promises to not run away from the house but Niyati should be sent away.Dadi asks what he is saying as Niyati would not go anywhere, Abhimanyu asks if her father has taken some sort of loan from his father.

Abhimanyu mentions that he gets mad seeing her, Sulochana from the back says that he is already mad, Abhimanyu questions why has she brought her mother here, he even asks who is this man questioning why did he bring her brother, Abhimanyu says Aanad is thinking that he is a villain so Abhimanyu pushes Aanad asking Kinkar to not let him stand again, Manaroma questions what is he doing, he informs they do not know what kind of benefit this nurse would take of him as such people donot have any character, Sulochana is not able to bear this, she in anger slaps him, he in a state of confusion questions what has her daughter did that he should worry since she is just a nurse and is paid, Sulochana exclaims she is not just a nurse but means a lot more, Sulochana is about to reveal the truth when Niyati stops her exclaiming that she should not say anything, Manaroma and Kinkar jee have hired her with utmost belief that she can take care of him, she will not leave his side so Sulochana should leave, she tries to apologize to Abhimanyu however he in anger says that this is the reason he ran away from the house because he never wanted to give them the tension, he leave when Karan assures he is going to talk with him.

Niyati tries to leave but Sulochana stops her saying she kept quiet believing that he would get healthy but it is enough as now Niyati will come back with them, Niyati explains that Sulochana knew about the condition of Abhimanyu when they got married, she knows he took the shocks because of her, even if he has forgotten her she still knows what he did for her, she cannot leave his side just like that so will remain, Aanad tries to stop her, Sulochana says that he should not try since she has made her decision and would not listen to anyone, she warns Niyati that in order to save this one relation she has burned all of her blood relations which is not right, she asks Aanad to come.

Dadi stopping her questions what she is doing, Sulochana explains she has heard and seen a lot, she doesnot have the strength anymore, she tries to stop Sulochana but they do not listen, Kinkar assures Niyati to not worry as they all are with her and he will talk with Sulochana Bhabhi, he asks Manaroma to come with him.Kinkar leaning against the car asks Sulochana to not go while being angry with when, Manaroma also requests her to not go after being mad, but she leaves.

Niyati is sitting in the house with Manaroma who advises them to call karan asking if found Abhimanyu, Karan walks inside the house, Niyati questions where he is, Karan explains that he followed Abhimanyu but lost him in the crowd as he went somewhere, Niyati informs that they have to find him as there can be some other effects of shock, Karan starts to worry but then agrees with Niyati.
Mami jee is with her daughter explaining that she is really tensed after the arrival of Niyati because she has married Abhimanyu just for the sake of money since her father doesnot earn a lot of money.

Kinkar’s wife is also talking with her daughter explaining that she also needs to be with Niyati just as Karan is always by the side of his uncle, he has learned the business so thinks that he is the eldest of the family, she will however not let anything go so easily, they must try to befriend Niyati just as they did Manaroma.
Mami jee also says that now they would have to plan to make matters worse since they will now tease Abhimanyu so that he would get a little mad, both of them laugh while making this plan and also think of not involving karan.

Abhimanyu sitting on the bench is thinking about how Sulochana slapped him, Niyati spots him so going asks what is he doing here while everyone is worried for him in the house, she requests him to come so touches him however he in shock exclaims she should never try to touch him and be so casual when her mother just slapped her, he questions when has she seen that the mother of a nurse slaps her patient, he questions what is going on since he feels they are hiding some big truth from him, he thinks how Aanad said that he doesnot know the truth about Niyati, Abhimanyu questions the truth threatening to not come back in any other situation.

 Abhimanyu is adamant there is something which they all are hiding from him, he is not able o understand it, Niyati says that there is nothing like that and he is just over thinking it, he yells at her saying she must shut up because how can a stranger come into his house and slap him, but his family members did not say even a single word, Abhimanyu questions he doesnot accept such punishment which he doesnot know anything, he cannot understand how his family has made her into such a person that she can do whatever she desires, Niyati apologizes to Abhimanyu for the behaviour of her mother, he in anger exclaims this is nice since the British left but gave them this apology, He pulls a stranger asking if he killed someone then apologized so he should be freed as this is the rule which she has made,the nurse have become the judges, Niyati questions what else can she do as she is apologizing, he replies she is doing a really big favour by apologizing.

If you were not there 15 July 2023

Abhimanyu asks her to wait, he takes the water hose from the gardener and brings it close to Niyati, she is not able to understand when he taking two steps back, starts pouring the water on her, she is not able to run away, the people recognize he is the son of Kichu Panday, they start making a video, Niyati is standing still, she looks into his eyes thinking that some time ago these eyes were filled with only love but now they are just filled with hate.

Karan reaches the market with Kinkar, they both start looking when Kinkar points towards Abhimanyu, Karan wonders what he is doing.In the house Kichu orders the person to make sure that Abhimanyu doesnot leave with a flight, Manaroma is thinking about how Abhimanyu said that they should send Niyati away since he cannot bear her anymore, Manaroma thinks she would now make him understand he is wrong, Amma says that they would make sure everything is fine when Abhimanyu calms down, however Manaroma says she would not bear it anymore because he has gotten so out of control because of them, she says that whatever happened today was wrong because they all put the entire burden on Niyati, he threw her out of the house in the middle of the night forcing her to sleep outside the house, Kichu questions what is she saying because they cannot risk the life of their son, Niyati is bearing all this just because she can take care of her husband so they will have to remain quiet. Amma says that she must not do this now as it is wrong, Manaroma is adamant to reveal the truth as she cannot risk the life of someone else’s child, Kichu stops her in anger saying that he would not let her do this anymore because it is the matter of his son.

Karan comes to Abhimanyu questioning what is he doing, he covers Niyati with his coat, Kinkar then turns off the valve, Karan questions what is he doing as it is wrong and then even Kinkar says the same to Abhimanyu, he apologizes to Niyati in front of everyone saying that it is just as when her mother slapped him in front of everyone so she also felt ashamed, the crowd starts making the video, Karan gets angry and then destroys one of the phone, he orders the guards to check the phones of everyone as there should not be even a single trace of the incident. Abhimanyu orders Niyati to leave as he doesnot want her near him, she should leave him and his family as he is firing her, Niyati tries to reason but he is adamant that he would only go back if she leaves, she is not able to say anything but Karna and Kinkar are both trying to convince him saying that he is not making any sense in anger as it is wrong, however Abhimanyu hits the glass of the vendor saying what do they care about his anger, Niyati assures she would agree to his every desire but he must let her take out the glass as it is causing immense blood to flow, Karan pulls his hand closer asking Niyati to take it out, she sees how he is hurting but is still adamant that she should not be near him, she manages to take it out and covers it, Abhimanyu questions if she was not able to do it before he hurt his hand, as she even hurt him while leaving. Karan asks Kinkar to take Abhimanyu back to the house while he will come back after settling the contract of Niyati, he going to her says that she must not be worried as they all are with her, but she must wait outside the house, he will come back to her after talking with Kichu and Manaroma mami.

Sulochana enters with Aanad, Ram asks if Niyati did not come back, Sulochana explains she said that she cannot leave her husband as it is her duty to see that he is healthy, Ram asks why is she not understanding that there is nothing left with her with Abhimanyu, she must come back otherwise would suffer the rest of her live, Sulochana standing requests Ram to not curse their daughter since Niyati is just doing it all because of what they taught her, she got this habit of doing the right thing because of him, and he is the one at fault since he got Niyati married when she was young. Ram exclaims that now he would also turn back his eyes to anything in her life, he asks Aanad to go and bring his bags as it is time for their flight, however Aanad exclaims he will not leave this city now.

Amma asks Manaroma to not be worried and also understand their point of view, everyone is standing when Vidhi points to Abhimanyu, Mami jee and Bua rush to questions how did he hurt his hand, Kinkar asks them to bring the first aid box, both of them start fighting over who would bring it, Manaroma starts taking off the bandage, Abhimanyu exclaims there is nothing to be worried about, Kichu asks Karan how did he hurt his hand, Karan replies it is all his doing as he was busy in creating havoc at the market and when they reached the location, he was throwing water over the face of Niyati with a hose, hearing this everyone is left stunned, karan then mentions after that he fired Niyati from her job, ordering her to leave this house and city, Kichu is shocked after hearing what Abhimanyu did in the market.

Abhimanyu asks karan if it all has ended as he has fired her and even threw her out of the house, he doesnot even to listen about her in this house, Abhimanyu explains that he knows Manaroma hired her but he is the one being treated but he is not comfortable with her and if she comes back yet again, he would surely run away from the house now they both decide if they desire him or that nurse, Mr Panday explains that he is of course really important for them but they also worry about his treatment, for which Niyati is really important, Abhimanyu questions what do they mean because she is just one nurse and four more can arrive even if she is fired.

Manaroma questions Karan where is Niyati, Abhimanyu ex[plains she is his mother and knows what does he want to say even before he has said it but he knows she would not do anything that will ruin his heart, Manaroma once again asks Karan where is Niyati, Abhimanyu in frustration wonders what has happened because they all are really worried for that nurse, Karan explains that she is standing outside the house, Abhimanyu going to Karan questions why did he bring her back when they agreed she would be fired, yet he still brought her back, was he not enough to decide they will fire her, Karan replies he thought it would be best if they talk in front of the family. Manaroma starts scolding Abhimanyu ordering him to not even utter a single word, Kichu tries to calm her down saying that their son is ill but she says that she has bared a lot of his ill treatment thinking he is not healthy but not anymore, she rushes outside.

Niyati is standing thinking about how she first met Abhimanyu, he exclaimed his love for her but now he doesnot even remember her care for him, he has said such awful things to her which she cannot even comprehend, she doesnot understand what should she do, Manaroma is shocked to see her in such a condition, she recalls how Abhimanyu scolded her in the house, going to Niyati Manaroma receives another shock after seeing her condition and so hugs her with all her might, Niyati also rests her head against Manaroma, she exclaims what has he done to her daughter in law, the person who needs to protect her for the rest of her life is giving so much pain to her, Manaroma asks Niyati to come inside and change her clothes otherwise she would get ill, Niyati refuses saying this would anger Abhimanyu which will only make the matters worse, Manaroma exclaims she has brought her as a daughter and will not let any harm come to her because of her own son.

Manaroma is pulling Niyati into the house even when she tries to resist, Abhimanyu is shocked to see her, he stands wondering how his mother is holding her hands, he thinks when her mother slapped him saying that he doesnot even know what her daughter has done for him, Manaroma starts walking up the stairs when Abhimanyu tries to call her, she however looks towards him with anger and walks upstairs, seeing this Abhimanyu is left stunned.

Manaroma asks Niyati to go inside and change her clothes while she is waiting for her, Niyati questions what is she tying to do when Manaroma exclaims she doesnot have to worry about it but must just follow her, Niyati comes back out when she questions Manaroma what is she trying to do, Manaroma explains she is going to correct her mistake as it is now time that Abhimanyu finds out the truth, Niyati tries to stop her saying Abhimanyu would not be able to bear this mental pressure, Manaroma says it cannot be any worse because he is ridiculing her in the market, she needs to worry for her honour just as Abhimanyu. Niyati explains she also desires to live happily with her husband and be his wife but for now they need to take care of Abhimanyu, she is okay with it all as this is part of her penance, Manaroma questions what she is getting in return, Niyati explains she would get the happiness in the future, with her husband.

Manaroma explains today she has made up her mind to tell the truth about their relation to Abhimanyu, since if he can handle so much hate then can even bear this truth, Niyati once again tries to stop her but she is amended they both turn to see Mr Panday standing there in anger, he exclaims Manaroma would not tell anything to Abhimanyu, she replies the time has come to reveal the truth, he explains this might harm his mental condition but Manaroma leaves saying she will correct her mistake.

Manaroma walks downstairs when Mr Panday and Niyati both rush after her, Amma also tries to say that she must not make the matters worse but Abhimanyu questions why they are all so worried about a nurse, Manaroma reveals she is his wife, they were married in their younger age when she has just brought her after performing the Gouna, Manaroma explains they were trying to find her for the past twenty years when he found her in Mumbai, he however forgot her and ever since she came to this house he has been mistreating her, while Niyati is bearing this humiliation because she is his wife, she should get the love she deserves, Abhimanyu tries to explain this is not the truth when Manaroma insists it is the truth, he forced Niyati to live in her own house as a nurse but Abhimanyu mistreated her because of which Sulochana slapped her and she did was right to do it.

Abhimanyu says that it cannot be the truth, Abhimanyu suffers another attack and starts to shiver, he falls to the ground while holding his hand, the entire family rushes to his aid, Kichu also asks Niyati to see what is happening when Niyati yells saying that they need to call Dr Aanad, Manaroma is standing crying.Abhimanyu is in the bd while Niyati is making the notes, Kichu questions what is going on when she replies that the mind of Abhimanyu is not able to process what is going on so is going in a stroke, Aanad rushes into the room when Niyati going to him, requests that he take a look, Aanad while making the notes exclaims that he would have to perform some additional tests, Mr Panday say they have all the equipment’s, Karan asks what do they desire when Niyati brings the entire equipment’s with him, Niyati along with Aanad start assembling them, Niyati assures that he would be fine but Abhimanyu suddenly stops responding and gets unconscious, Niyati gets shocked seeing what has happened with Abhimanyu.

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