Guddan Zee world update Thursday 20 October 2022

Guddan 20 October 2022: Perv says Guddan wont attend her sister’s wedding. I wont be her real husband but will have wedding night for real. Guddan comes to kitchen. AJ smells something burning.Guddan comes and looks at the cooker. She says why is it not whistling. AJ comes and says why do I smell burned? Guddann says I am cooking. Don’t come in. Let me do my work. I will win competition and give you 1 lac rupees. He says let me check this cooker.

Guddan doesn’t let him in. the cooker is about to blast. AJ sees it. He runs in the kitchen and rushes her out. They both fall The cooker blasts in the kitchen. AJ picks her up.AJ picks Guddan and takes her to the sofa. AJ’s hand is burned. Dadi comes. Durga says Guddan must have doe this. Look at AJ. AJ says enough. She isn’t responsible for everything. she is a member of family and your MIl. You can’t insult her all the time. I will show you who did this.sofa. AJ’s hand is burned. Dadi comes. Durga says Guddan must have doe this. Look at AJ. AJ says enough. She isn’t responsible for everything.

she is a member of family and your MIl. You can’t insult her all the time. I will show you who did this.AJ brings the cooker lid and shows everyone the need in it. HE says Guddan add it to the whistle herself. so someone who wanted to harm her did it? Guddan says so that means someone did it. Dadi say who could do it. Perv says oh my God. This could risk anyone’s life. Dadi says go to catch the shopkeeper. AJ says dura accept your mistake first and apologize her. She says I am sorry.

Guddan says to AJ I am trying to learn the recipes. AJ says it was your mistake not to see it on time. Guddan says wow that is my mistake too now. I have learn my recipe. He says think about competition and not money. She says I do things my way. He says okay let me sleep. Go to your place now. Guddan tries to learn the recipe. She says I have to win it.Durga asks Saru and Laxmi did you bring material for pooja? She says yes. Dadi says is everything ready? She says yes. Guddan and AJ come too. Dadi says we will all do pooja together. Durga says AJ you were right. I don’t like Guddan at all but I should respect my relations.

I will respect her for as long as she is here. I will wait for her to leave as well. I made a mistake but not anymore. AJ and Guddan start the pooja together.AJ leaves. Laxmi says AJ left. He wont come to the competition? Dadi says if she wins she would be a step closer to winning and if she loses I wont be able to see her sadness.The contest starts. Guddan comes there. Dadi says wy are you scared? Gudadn says they look so expert. THey will beat me. Laxmi says yes. Dadi says but

you have newness and innovation. Guddan says why is Revati not here yet. She looks around. Laxmi says go. Are you already scared? Rawat is there.Kaushliya and Perv come there too. Kaushaliya says I know how to get Revati out of here. Revati and Bhushan meet Guddan. Kaushliya meets her too. Se says good luck for contest. Bhushan says you will win for sure. Host says get ready for the contest. Guddan takes her spot.Kaushaliya says to REevati let’s go. She says ma this isn’t right. Let me tell Guddan. Kaushaliya says don’t do any such mistake. Bhushan comes and says what happened? Kaushaliya says she isn’t feeling well. You should stay here with Guddan.

Bhushan says we can tell gudan and go with her. Kaushaliya says I will take her you stay with Guddan.Kaushaliya takes Revati from there.Host says we can’t wait for AJ anymore. We are already late. Guddan says I knew he wont come. AJ enters. Guddan is dazed. He stands with Guddan. Host says no one can stop Guddan from winning. Because AJ is with her. AJ says see you are already a winner because of my presence. She says you didn’t have to come. Don’t do this drama. I am here because of you. You want money from me. Don’t do this. He says yeah right. If you dont’ want my help its okay. He says excuse me. AJ says I have to be out of this competition. Guddan wants to win it on her own. Good luck. He sits in the audience.

Guddan is scared.Host says we have another participant. It is Dura with Kishor. Gudadn is dazed.Dadi says Durga Guddan is participating from our house already. She says I am taking part to make our family win. She takes her spot. She says in heart aftter losing you will have to take that cheque and leave that house.Saru says she will lose. Guddan says I am glad you came too. It would be fun. Host starts the first round. Guddan starts. Durga starts too. Guddan kisses her mother’s locket and prays. durga says the same mother you could have saved but you didn’t. Don’t pray on her name. Guddan recalls her mother’s death. she sits down crying.

Her cooker falls. Guddan sobs. Durga says you can’t do anything. Host says Mrs. Guddan’s cooker fell. Guddan takes off the apprin and leaves. Host says Mrs. Guddan left.Kausaliya gives bridal dress to Revati. She says I am very happy. She says you took my papa and didi’s dream. Perv comes. He says how do I look? Kaushaliya says they will be happy for you. Revati goes to change.Guddan says I can’t give up like this. Raawat is going towards her. He sees AJ and stops. Guddan says to AJ my time is getting over. He says you asked me not to help. She says I am hiring you and keeping you on job.

He says what.. She says I will give you 20$% of the prize. He says no interested. She says okay I will give you more of it. He says deals are not done by speaking. She writes on a kite. She says I have a big heart. Some kids surround them and they are tied in a thread. A tent falls on them. AJ holds Guddan and takes her out.Durga smirks. Guddan comes back with Perv. Host says Guddan is taking AJ’s help finally.Guddan says to AJ only 25 minutes are left we have to hurry up. He says I know how to do my work . Dadi says my AJ and Guddan will win. Host says only 15 minutes are left. AJ says put half spoon salt only.. Guddan says I am not a chef.

Only three minutes are left. Kishor says Durga AJ has magic in hands. we can’t win against him. AJ and Guddan put it on plate. The time is up.Perv is in temple. Revati comes there in bridal. Kaushaliya comes and says you look so pretty please sit. Perv says you are going to be my wife. Pandit ji starts the mantra.AJ says why are you not being confident. The judge checks all the dishes. He announces that the winner is Guddan. Guddan says yayy I won. She is about to hug AJ. He says are you crazy? Judge says you did that in very short time. He says runner ups are Durga and Kishor. Good work everyone.

Dadi says they both won. Bhushan says they had to. AJ and Guddan take the cheque andn trophu. Photograpger asks them to come close to pose. She says smile a bit it doesn’t cost anything. She says you wont because of me. He says yeah right. People congratulate Guddan. A woman says she is your MIL after all. Dadi hugs Guddan. She gives kichri to everyone. Dadi says she is so happy. AJ says for the money. Dadi says she is such a nice girl. Guddan says to durga take some. I made it in 25 minutes. Durga says I don’t want it. Guddan says but look at this cheque. Guddan says mother is always special to kids and so was mine to me. She sent her prayers for me.

Pandit ji asks Revati and Perv to stand up. Guddan looks around for Revati. Rawat comes. He takes the khichri from her. He says you are running away from truth. She says right now I just won. He says my eyes are always on you. Guddan says I am trying. Guddan sees AJ coming. Rawat says never forget it.


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