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Tia says I have to meet Shivaye and tell him everything today. Anika dances on Laila Main Laila with Shivaye. Veer fixes the open wire points at the door. He says Shivaye will get a shock on touching the door handle, it will be easy to swap the bride. Tia comes there. Veer says before anyone else goes to room, I will call Shivaye and call him out. He calls Shivaye. Shivaye doesn’t see the incoming call and dances with Anika. Tia sees Tej and hides. Tej goes. Tia rushes and screams…. Shivaye….. Shivaye and Anika hear her and go out. They get shocked seeing Tia fallen. Everyone comes and wonder how did Tia faint. Soumya sees Veer. Shivaye says we heard her scream and came out. Rudra says why is her hand twisted like this. Shivaye says maybe her hand got stiff because of the shock. Anika says

how could she get shock like this. Shivaye says we will take her to our room. Soumya says you can take her to my room. Rudra says its okay, you don’t worry. Om says Shivaye’s room is here, so its easier. Veer says I will do her checkup if you want, after all I m also a doctor. Om says no, Tia has a personal doctor, better we call him. Shivaye lifts Tia and takes her to his room.
Anika says why did Tia come here. Rudra says like a thief, security didn’t inform us. Shivaye says she didn’t wish anyone to know it, maybe she wanted to talk to me. Veer says I m sure Tia came to meet Shivaye, she wants to save Shivaye and Anika from us, don’t worry she can’t do anything.

Doctor says Tia fainted because of electric shock. Veer says she will need four hours to get conscious. Shivaye says we have to be around Tia, I m sure Veer and Soumya will stop her from talking to us, just Tia can help us in solving the mills mystery. Veer says we have to stop Tia from telling anything. Anika says I will stay back. Shivaye says what will you do, I will handle. Anika says I don’t want to leave you alone, you have much work, if you stay with Tia then.. I mean it will be problem. They smile. She says Tia is feeling cold. Rudra says don’t get insecure, chill. Anika says I m not worrying. Shivaye says you are worrying. Anika says you don’t know caring, see poor Tia… They laugh. She says its not jealousy.

Rudra calls her funny. Shivaye jokes. Anika says Tia is here to help, I don’t think her intentions are good, I will keep a watch on Tia. They laugh. She goes. Shivaye says Tia’s safety is our priority. Pinky and Jhanvi talk about guests. Roop asks is Tia our far relative. Pinky says Tia is Shivaye’s ex-fiancee. Roop says I felt I know her, is she Tia Kapoor. Pinky says yes. Roop says this name is connected to Kalyani mills.

Old ladies come home. A lady calls out Kalyani. Anika says I m not jealous of Tia. The lady says tell Kalyani, her best friends have come to meet her. Anika says Dadi has gone to America. The lady says we didn’t know it. They hear wrong and cry. Anika says its misunderstanding. The lady says call Pinky. Anika says I will call her. The lady Pooja asks for water. Another lady Shraddha goes to get water. Roop asks is Tia daughter of our partner Mr. Kapoor. Anika comes there and sees Pinky. Pinky says don’t scare us, Tia can’t be daughter of that Kapoor, her dad stays in US and mills’ Kapoor… Roop says he burnt in the fire, did you meet Tia’s dad. Pinky says no. Roop says strange… I feel Tia Kapoor is daughter of same Kapoor, she knows a lot about the mills secret, maybe she came to tell this to Shivaye. Anika enters the room. She asks what happened. Jhanvi says nothing. Pinky says we were making guest list.

Anika says Pooja and Shraddha have come to meet Dadi, she is calling you. Pinky says I will come and goes. Jhanvi asks how did you know that Tia has come to tell something to Shivaye. Roop says I felt so, else why would she come, you have to stop Tia, I m an outsider, I can’t talk in family matters. Jhanvi says you are right, I have to do something. Roop smiles and thinks Jhanvi will do my work. Shivaye says I know Tia you want to tell me something, wake up and tell me what you know.

He calls Om and says I decided I will do this. Om says fine, then go ahead. Shivaye holds Tia. Shraddha sees Shivaye getting close to Tia. She says he is Shivaye, he has a wife, how can he do this, poor Kalyani, she is proud of her Billu, she always talks of Billu and here her Billu is with another Billu, I will take a pic. She clicks a pic and says I will show this to Anika, she should also know this. Shivaye sees Jhanvi and Roop. He says I m sure Tia has come to talk to me. Roop says Shivaye should have some food, else his health will get bad. Veer looks on. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to take rest. Roop says we are here to take care of Tia. Veer recalls giving a needle to Roop. He says Tia will be unconscious for three days by this needle, you just have to inject this needle. Roop sees Shivaye busy talking to Jhanvi. She drops the injection when Shivaye turns.
Roop injects Tia till Shivaye looks after Jhanvi. Tia asks for water.

Roop says I will give her. She moves the sheet to give water. They get shocked seeing pillows on the bed. Veer gets angry. Roop asks where is Tia. Jhanvi asks what’s going on. Shivaye says she came to tell me something imp, till I know it, I won’t allow her to go. Jhanvi recalls Roop’s words. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will take care of everything. She asks where did Tia go. He says I have hidden her at a safe place, I think our enemies don’t want Tia to tell us that matter. Roop asks how could we hear her voice. He says because Tia is here. He pulls out Tia lying on a carpet, under the bed. Veer thinks Shivaye is much clever than I expected.

Shivaye says Tia is still unconscious, I m waiting for her to gain senses.

Roop says we have to stop Tia, Shivaye will make us lose. Veer says don’t worry, we will reach Tia before she reaches Shivaye to tell him. Shraddha shows Shivaye and Tia’s pic to Pooja. She says Anika is roaming outside, Tia is in Shivaye’s room. Veer thinks did they hear his conversation. Shraddha says this guy doesn’t look of this house, we will tell him. He says you were going to tell me something. Roop says someone is calling you. She takes Veer and says don’t get angry, focus on the plan.

Veer shows injection to Anika. She says I m not scared of it, but I won’t get it. He says you have to inject this to Shivaye. She says Shivaye, why….. He says we tried to kill Tia. She asks what, you are very dangerous person. He says Tia has a lot of sympathy for Shivaye, I don’t let such people live long. She says so did you manage to kill Tia. He says no, she is still alive, Shivaye turned more clever, I want you to fool Shivaye, this is same injection by which we wanted to kill Tia, I want you to take this to Shivaye and convince him that there is someone who wants to kill Tia, show him the mark on the pillow, convince him that Tia isn’t safe here, he has to take Tia away if he wants her to be safe, just do this and I will see the rest. She goes. He says what do you think Shivaye, you will save Tia, I will make her out by your means, she can’t say anything, I promise you.

Shivaye says this can’t happen. Anika says Veer will try to kill her. Shivaye says this is my world, not Veer’s Goa. She shows the injection mark on pillow and says Veer isn’t lying. He says how did this happen, I didn’t leave her alone. She says they can do anything. He says Soumya and Veer didn’t come here. She says Veer can do anything, he lives in this house, he could…. She hugs him and cries. He says relax….believe me, he can’t do any harm to me, you and Tia. She says I feel if we don’t shift Tia, he will think I m not doing my work well. He says we will get Tia out in SSO style.

Pinky greets aunties. Shraddha taunts her. Pinky gets shocked seeing pic. She says he is with Tiua on the bed. Gauri, Om, Bhavya and Rudra shout and ask how, no way. Pinky says you brought a storm, thanks, freshen up. Shraddha and Pooja go. Shivaye says I will pull Shivaye’s ear, how dare he. Anika says Tia should get conscious and this matter should end, I can be my old self again. He asks are you eager to become your old self or distance Tia from me, she is so sweet. She says you must have missed her calling you Shivaye baby. He says yes, if she didn’t run away from marriage that day, if I hadn’t married you, I would have hurt Shivaye baby all my life. Pinky says Shivaye has gone mad. Om and everyone come. Anika says I will go. Shivaye says I was joking, nothing is going on between me and Tia. Pinky comes and asks what’s going on, if Anika sees this…. He asks what did I do. She sees the pic. Om says Anika shouldn’t know. Shivaye asks what did I do, show me. He sees the pic.

He asks how was this clicked. Omru say you know what we are going to ask, you and Tia. Shivaye says this is a misunderstanding. Anika goes. Shivaye says this isn’t my phone. They all leave. Veer and Soumya see Shivaye and Anika taking Tia. Soumya says I had a doubt that fake Anika could convince Shivaye or not, your plan worked, great. Veer says this plan is mine and also the game, everyone will proceed as per my wish. Shivaye says its not as you think, watch out, be careful. Anika says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to Tia, shall we go. He says I wasn’t the one in photo, angle was wrong. She says you got this third angle in our love story. He says you are over reacting now. She says everything will get over one day.

He says its too much now. He takes her aside. Veer says where did they go. He says that pic was clicked when I lifted Tia and shifted her, this was Om and my plan, let me call up Om. Anika says no need, how was my acting. The stretcher moves ahead. She says do you think I will doubt on you by seeing a pic, I trust you, I was pulling your leg. Shivaye asks why were you not jealous, I tried so hard and praised Tia. She says no, why will it make a difference, I know you won’t love anyone, just I could reach your heart. He says that too, Tha Kar ke…. She smiles. Veer sees the stretcher colliding. Shivaye and Anika come back and hold it. They put Tia in a car. Veer looks on. Someone starts the car and drives away, throwing the driver’s cap. Veer smiles and says Shivaye, you have ousted Tia yourself, I kidnapped her in front of your eyes, you can’t do anything, you will never find out the secret that she wanted to tell you. Shivaye and Anika look on.

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