Evil Affairs starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

The Episode starts with Daayan coming back home and walks inside Nikki’s room. She sees Piyush sleeping on the sofa and Nikki sleeping on the bed. She tries to drink Nikki’s blood and is pushed away from there. It shows Baldevi comes to Nikki’s room and gives her special power/sheild to protect her from the evil.

She says after this, you have \to face the more powerful evils of the universe. She says this shield will be on your back and it will protect you. She says if anyone comes behind you, with bad intention then will not be saved. Daayan is pushed away. She thinks how is this possible that she is pushed away. She goes. Nikki calls Piyush and hugs him. Piyush says we are in our house, we are alive. Nikki asks how did I come here. Piyush says Daayan had come and took you to Malik for the rasam. Nikki says I don’t remember anything. Piyush says you have completed the rasam and that’s why I am safe infront of you. He says don’t know what Chaaya Daayan did with my heart, that it stopped beating and my heart beat returned because of you. Nikki says you are fine and the rasam is completed. She regrets that she couldn’t see Malik. Piyush says we are together and safe, and asks her not to worry.

Daayan worries and thinks what has happened with her. She finds her hand burnt and thinks what happened to her, an ordinary girl pushed her without touching her. She assumes Malik has made Suraksha Chakra around Nikki and plans to drink her blood. Sumitra feels guilty to misunderstand Nikki and tells that she had risked her life to save Piyush. Vikram asks her not to feel guilty or bad. He says since she came here as the bride, since she stepped in our house, the troubles of mountain has broken on our heads.

Sumitra tells that you blame Nikki even now, and tells that nobody could do what she has done, and says she has brought Daakin’s heart from Daak Taal and has returned our son’s life and also she has completed Malik’s Amavasya rasam, then also you don’t trust us. Vikram says she is the bell of trouble on our family. Sumitra says I will never forget Nikki’s favor and that’s why….Just then they hear the blast and go to the hall.

Daayan says blast like thing happened and you came here. She asks Nikki how is she, and tells that she will call her Nikki ji from now onwards. Nikki says ok. Daayan calls her near and asks how are you? Nikki says I am good. Daayan says you have become weak after fighting with Daakin, and says you need blood for strength and asks everyone to make 56 bhogs for Nikki. Nikki says prize for one rasam, 12 rasams need to be completed. Daayan says it will happen too, and asks her to have food and take rest. She says we will meet for lunch Nikki ji. She goes. Vikram asks if she was Daayan only. Sumitra says she was talking about Nikki’s betterment as if she is her family and we are nobody. Piyush says don’t know why she is favoring nikki. Nikki says she doesn’t know either and don’t care. Aarohi says Chaaya said that Malik is happy with us, as his first rasam is completed. Vikram says when Malik is happy, then why Daayan will be unhappy. Sumitra says scared people ignore the happiness. She says people of Bhurangarh and all of us will have a peaceful night after many years. Vikram says he don’t remember when he slept peacefully. Aarohi says my baby will be born in peaceful environment. Piyush says this is happening due to Nikki. Sumitra says yes. Nikki thinks what Daayan is upto.

Sumitra and Aarohi supervise the cooks in the kitchen. Nikki asks if I can help. Sumitra says no and asks her to take rest. Nikki says you people are working and I shall rest. Sumitra says you are not an ordinary woman, but proved that you are a superwoman. Nikki tells that it was her duty to save Piyush and her family and didn’t do anything big. Sumitra says if you know what I did and what I said behind your back, then may be you will hate me and not love. Nikki says no Mamma, you are talking about the time when I came here after marriage, and tells that when I went to Daak Taal, Papa ji and Bhaiyya must have cursed me, and you might have got angry and cursed me when Piyush’s heart beat stopped, but things are different now. She says you are my mother and I am your daughter. Sumitra gets touched and tells her that from today she is her daughter, and hugs her. She signs Aarohi to come. Aarohi also hugs Sumitra.

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