Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Piyush, how dare she, how she can take anyone’s life. She says she had killed that guy brutally. Piyush says I have seen such dangerous death for the first time. He says this was my biggest fear. Nikki says this way there will be terror all around, today one guy died, and don’t know how many villagers or Servants will be killed, even our family can become her victim.

She says we shall stop Daayan. Piyush says we can’t do anything and asks her to understand, says they can’t even pull even her one hair, and says stay quiet. Nikki thinks he will not hear me or listen to me, I can’t tell him about my plan. She tells him that Daayan is very powerful and any action against her can be suicidal, and I want to live a long life with you, so don’t worry I will not do anything.

Vikram, Sumitra, Piyush, Prateik and Nikki are working in the hall. Vikram faints and falls down while carrying heavy weight. Prateik and Piyush take Vikram to room. Nikki goes from there. Sumitra follows her and goes to kitchen. She asks Nikki what she is going to do, if she didn’t get peace. Nikki says Papa’s BP must be low due to work stress, and that’s why she is making lemon water for him. She goes from there. Prateik blames Piyush and says your wife is responsible for all this.

He gains consciousness and tells that his soul is hurt. He says we were treated like dogs infront of our Servants, and says they have lost their respect. He says all because of his wife and says it would be good if he had not got married. Piyush looks sad. Nikki hears and cries. She asks Rachna to give lemon water to Papa ji and dont tell him that I made it. Rachna says ok.

Saudamini comes to Daayan and says she has made Uptan for her. Daayan asks her to call her Chaaya. Saudamini applies uptan paste to Daayan. Nikki comes there and says she has brought watermelon juice for her. She makes some of the juice falls on Saudamini’s dress. Saudamini asks can’t you see. Nikki says sorry and asks her to change else ants will come. Saudamini goes. Nikki tells Daayan that she came to apologize to her. Daayan says you are apologizing. Nikki says she has realized that she shouldn’t have interfered when she was punishing Saudamini. She asks her to drink juice and turns to go. She thinks Daayan stop me for step 1.

Daayan says if she is playing with me then I will also play. She asks Nikki to take back her glass. Nikki asks did you forgive me? Daayan says not that easily. Nikki asks if Saudamini didnt do waxing your hands and legs, and asks shall I do your waxing? Daayan asks her not to hold her hand else she will fall down. Nikki says she has become strong drinking her charan amrit. Daayan says Malik was right about you and asks her to do her waxing. Nikki applies it and recalls mixing some solution in it. She says now your hands will sparkle and says she will be back. Daayan stops her and says you can’t go. Nikki shows her nails and says I am going to bring stuff for nails. Daayan asks her to bring. Nikki goes out and says step 5. Just then she hears Daayan screaming. Nikki smiles.


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