Download Opening theme song of popular Telemundo series



If you have been scouring the internet for where you can get the opening theme songs or soundtrack of favourite telenovelas as prisoners of love, blood and wine, my heart beats for Lola, queen of hearts, Fearless Heart, passion for revenge and lots more, then you are in the right place.

Here we will be giving you straight download link of these songs into your phone… Safe and original, so just scroll through the list and download the MP3 audio you want.

If you’re using chrome browser, please long press the song link and click on download link to get it straight to your phone. Also to avoid it playing here. 

Blood and wine telemundo song

Passion for revenge telemundo song

Queen of hearts telemundo song

Lord of the skies telemundo song

My heart beats for Lola telemundo song

Woman of steel telemundo song

Iron rose telemundo opening theme song

Fearless Heart telemundo theme song

Prisoners of love telemundo song

Part of me telemundo song

Dangerous affairs Telemundo Opening theme song

Elena’s Ghost Opening Theme song

Almost yours telemundo theme song

Betty in New York theme song 1

Betty in New York theme song 2

For Love and Justice theme song

The way to paradise telemundo theme song

Price of fame telemundo theme song

These are the song we can gather for now, the list will also be updated as we get more telemundo songs.



  1. Please add themes song for Betty in new York,price of fame,for Loveland justice,fearless heart Bailando,the way to paradise,close enemy

  2. Please add Will and Sam songs from Fearless heart, Madonna and Javier from Almost Yours,Autoro and Sofia from Passion for Revenge,song for young catalina boyfriend that played when he buried his mother.

  3. Please add theme song for below telenovela
    1.someone is watching
    2.broken angel
    3.close enemy
    4.labour of love
    5.forbidden passion
    6.the song that played when young Catalina buried his mother from Way to Paradise
    7.madonna and Javier song from Almost your
    8.will and Sam song from Fearless heart
    9.Auturo and Sofia from Passion for Revenge
    10.them song of tantor amor

  4. Please there is another somg played as ending theme song in the power of destiny telenovela please please i need that song aprt from the song la fuerza del destino one there is another very nice one


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