Destined by fate update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Destined by fate 17 January 2024: Nakul tells Saroj that he knows she doesn’t like Kuku and wants to send her out of her house, will she send Mithu also out of the house if she is by chance not Kanha’s daughter. He warns her that if she does that, even Kanha and Sayuri will leave the house.

Saroj gets tensed hearing that. Sayuri bathes Mithu and says its her first festival in their house, she goes to get talcum powder from Indu’s room get Mithu ready. Indu calls her angrily. Sayuri rushes back to room. Indu scolds her for leaving Mithu in bathtub. Sayuri says she left Mithu in a cradle and finds a doll in cradle instead. Daadi Mausi scolds her risking Mithu’s life. Saroj says Sayuri is mentally ill and asks Kanha to take her to mental asylum. Sayuri tells Kanha that she really left Mithu in cradle.

Saroj continues to cuss Sayuri. Kanha asks Saroj to stop it and asks Sayuri not to bother about it at all and start afresh on holika dahan. Rashmi grins seeing Sayuri’s condition.

In the evening, holika dahan event starts. Dhanrajj asks Kanha, Sayuri, Nakull, and Rashmi to come front and perform pooja. Sayuri gets upset seeing Vikrant watching her hiding. Kanha shakes her and asks her to finish parikrama.

Sayuri recalls Saroj , Indu, and Kanha’s fear for her and thinks her family is tensed because of her, she needs to make sure they are tension-free. After pooja, Saroj eagerly waits for DNA report. Daadi Mausi asks her to have some patience as doctor told he will send report directly to her.

Kanha walks towards the corner where Sayuri was looking at and finds footprints there. He informs Nakul that Sayuri was looking here during parikrama, nobody wore footwear during pooja, then someone was definitely here. He tells Nakul that someone is definitely trying to frighten Sayuri. He questions servant if someone came from outside. Servant says no. He then messages a man who called Sayuri in Vikrant’s voice that she knows what is he trying, but it will not affect her at all and hence he shouldn’t dare try to frighten her again. Man gets tensed seeing her message, messages his boss that he can’t continue it, and gets a reply that everything is going as per their plan and he should continue. Kanha determines to catch the culprit on holi day tomorrow.

Sayuri walks to Saroj’s room and informs her that she is ready to shift to mental asylum for treatment for her children’s sake. Daadi Mausi asks what about Kanha. Sayuri says she will leave silently tomorrow. Next day, Sayuri gets ready for holi celebration. Kanha applies holi on her cheek and reminds her their last holi. He describes how he wants too celebrate holi with her.

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