Begusarai series: Who is Komal, what is her mission?


While we await in bated breath for Poonam and Lakhan’s romance story to blossom, unknown to us there is an antagonist female waiting around the corner to split these fated couples further apart.

In a few weeks from now, A new entrant – Komal will visit Begusaria, to the Thakur family initially as a helping hand to Bindiya but soon become a thorn in the family flesh, especially as she makes it her life’s mission to separate Lakhan and Poonam for good.

Turns out, she too will fall in love with our handsome hero Lakhan. Komal will come across the romance and bonding time between the love birds poonam and Lakhan while passing by their room,  she will get attracted to Lakhan’s love and concern towards Poonam. A jealous feeling will set in seeing them together and soon, she begins to pine for his attention.

Too much drama right?

So who is this Komal and what is her mission in Begusarai ?

She is Choti Amma’s granddaughter, played by Rati Pandey from Iron lady. She visits Bindiya and helps her financially by introducing her to a business partner named Sarkar.

Rati Pandey as Komal in Begusarai

Sarkar however demands so much from Bindiya that it leads to Guddi losing her pregnancy and Lakhan and Poonam almost getting a divorce.

The family later finds out that Sarkar and Komal are related since Sarkar is actually Choti Amma. She had sent in Komal as an instrument of her revenge against the Thakurs.

Komal is later presumed dead when she falls off a cliff during a car chase between her and Lakhan/Mithilesh, even though Choti Amma loses her life.

However, during a baby shower celebrating the pregnancy of the Thakur daughters in law, she resurfaces and kills Guddi by drowning her.

She then kidnaps Mithkesh and Poonam’s father, and demands that Poonam leave Lakhan alone . Poonam father later dies as he they try to escape from her.

The defeated Poonam decides to surrender herself to Komal so that peace will return to the Thakur family. When Lakhan goes to save his wife, He ends up dying from Komal’s shot, so does Mithklesh when he tries to save Lakhan.

In conclusion, Komal’s entrance to Begusaria while adding the much needed action in the series, will not be for the better.

But then again, this is Zee world, anything is possible.



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