Anupamaa Starlife update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Anupamaa 6 December 2023: Anuj looks at Anupama when she is about to leave with Shahs after Dimple’s vidaai ritual. Aye Mere Humsafar.. song plays in the background. He recalls welcoming Anupama home recently with a flower shower on her and Anupama’s dance, etc. Anupama waves him bye and leaves with Shahs. Shahs reach home. Anupama performs Dimple and Samar’s graha pravesh ritual and says a new bride not only steps into a new house, but also a new life and she is blessed to avoid her wobbling when she takes her first step in. Leela comments when elders bless, she should smile and not frown; she should smile freely as she got a good husband, house, and grand DIL.

Kinjal starts coughing. Anupama says one should not expect a new DIL to be perfect and should adjust with her as nobody is perfect. She keeps rice kalash/bowl and welcomes Dimpy. Dimpy kicks the bowl loudly. Leela says its a graha pravesh and not football match. Anupama stops her and explains the importance of taking new DIL’s footprints on a white cloth. Dimpy performs ritual. Leela prays god that Dimpy’s steps are auspicious for her house.

Anupama makes them light a lamp at a home temple and offers water to Dimpy. Leela asks why is she giving her water to her DIL. Anupama says Dimpy is her daughter and tired after long rituals and gives a speech on it. Toshu says they are all tired and should go a rest, praises Kumar Sanu da’s performance. Dimpy says it’s hot here and they should get an AC even in the living room, Kapadia house was having a centralized AC. Leela says that was her temporary parental house and this is her permanent in-law house. Dimpy says she is tired and will go and rest. Samar murmurs who sleeps on wedding night. Leela comments again. Dolly says the way Dimpy is looking, it looks like she has come here with some evil motto. Leela says she is telling it since long. She asks Dimpy to perform kitchen ritual. Dimpy says she is tired and there is no point in performing kitchen ritual as she already entered kitchen before marriage many times. Leela asks then why did she ask for an AC. Dimpy says she will perform ritual tomorrow. Anupama backs her. Leela warns her not to interfere as she is no more a Shah bahu. Vanraj stops her and asks Samar and Dimpy to go and rest. They walk to their room.

Kavya says even she will leave. Vanraj asks her to stay back as this is her house and its doesn’t look good if she stays at a hotel. At Kapadia house, Adhik says it was a tiresome day. Barkha says his wife didn’t return till the end of function. Adhik says she knows how stubborn she is. Anuj recalls Gurumaa giving gurukul’s responsibility to Anupama. Barkha and Maaya say they made good arrangements and didn’t let Shahs complain. Anuj thanks them for their help. Maaya says its her house and Dimpy is like her daughter as Anuj thinks. Barkha asks when is Anuj returning to Mumbai. Anuj says he told her many times that he will not go until Anupama shifts to America. He tells Ankush that they should get back to work and he wants to check accounts. Ankush says he will inform accounts guys and walks behind him.

Barkha tells Adhik that she fears Anuj will find out about the losses they made in business and will kick them out of the house, she doesn’t know why he is hell bent to stay back till Anupama leaves for America. Ankush notices Anuj tensed and asks reason. Anuj says he hopes Dimpy doesn’t have any problem at Shah house.

Leela asks Vanraj why is he stopping Kavya when she wants to go; Kavya preferred her modeling career and Anirudh. Anupama tries to speak. Leela warns her not to interfere in their family issues and go home, asks Kavya also to go home.

Vanraj says Kavya will not go anywhere as she is pregnant with his child. Everyone congratulate Kavya and Vanraj and show their excitement. Dimpy passes by and fumes that they are more happy for Kavya’s pregnancy than our wedding and have planned to ruin our special day.

Leela asks how did this happen when they used to fight all the time. Kavya feels shy. Vanraj asks to stop asking weird questions. Vanraj says Kavya will stay with them from hereon. Samar is shocked to hear that.

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