Anupama starlife update 5 May 2024

Kinjal tells that this food is safe and has all the nutrients. Baa asks what about chemical which is added so that the food don’t get stale. She says we used to grind wheat daily in our village and make fresh rotis, along with it spices also used to be grinded with Silbatta. She says my mother used to fetch water from the well and I used to fetch water from the handpump. She tells that they used to have fresh food made on Chula which is good for health.

Kinjal says it is not possible to do. Baa says they used to take care of 4 kids alone, and the day used to end in changing the clothes, cleaning the potty, as diapers were not there, then also Mothers would feed fresh food to their children and not stale food.

She says raising a baby is a big responsibility, if you can’t handle it then why did you give birth to the baby. She says there are 1000’s of ways to feed the baby. She says she will feed the baby until she is here. Kinjal says we will go to meet Mummy. Baa asks them not to break Vanraj’s rule and says Anupama can’t come here. Kinjal gets shocked.

Anuj tells Choti that Anupama has brought the gifts for Pari as she is the youngest baby. He asks what does she want? Anupama shows arts and craft book to Choti and says it is for her. Choti gets happy and says my Mummy is the best. She then looks at the toys and looks on jealous. Malti Devi smiles. Kinjal tells Baa that whenever they needed her help, they used to call Anupama. She says I will meet Mummy until I am here, and says we didn’t want to celebrate Pari’s birthday tomorrow, but Dad asked us to celebrate it so we will be celebrating and says I will invite Mummy, and if she doesn’t come then Pari will not cut the cake.

Choti tells that Anuj and Anupama, why there are so many gifts for Pari and only one for me. Anuj tells that Mummy has decided to give all the gifts of every festival and birthday together as Pari won’t be here. He says you are with us, we can get whatever we want for you. Choti gets upset and says she don’t want this gift. Anuj says I will talk to her. Anupama says these small things are saying that she is changing. Dimpy sees Tapish dancing and recalls Vanraj’s words. Tapish looks at her. Anupama asks Choti to do decoration with cake and write pari on it. She tells Anuj that Kinjal and Toshu had to go to hospital today, so I will meet them tomorrow and give gift to Pari tomorrow. Anuj says I know you are happy, but after whatever Vanraj said. Anupama says I will not listen to him. Anupama says she is my grand daughter and says why I shall not go if he says anything. Anuj says if he says anything then I can’t bear, it was enough. Anupama says you don’t need to make. She says I will go and come back soon. She says Kinjal asked me to make cake, so I made and says her blood relation with her children is not weak.

Tapish tells Dimpy that if he stays here then she will have problems in her life, so it is better that he shall leave. He asks if she will come to Mumbai. She doesn’t reply. He asks can I call you sometimes, if I miss you. Dimpy says yes, surely….even I will call you. Tapish asks for a selfie. She nods her head. He clicks their selfie. Chana Mereya song plays….Dimpy cries and waves her hand to bid him adieu. She says Samar…my friend left. Tapish comes out and cries. He says this is right.

Vanraj tells Baa that he will throw a party for Pari, which will be remembered always. Toshu asks Vanraj if he is still upset with him. Vanraj says no, and says you both want to live your life, your way and wants to make Pari’s life better. He asks them not to forget their family. Baa asks them to come home 3-4 times in a year. Anupama tells cakes, halwa and other things are ready. Anuj and Romil keep the gifts and other things in the car. In the birthday party, everyone is happy to wish Pari happy birthday. Vanraj tells Baa and babu ji that he has called his boss and his son for the party, and asks her to tell how is the guy? Baa sees him looking at Dimpy. Later he asks Babu ji to be happy. Babu ji says you don’t let me be happy. Anupama is driving the car and is coming there. She says she will meet her after a month. Choti gets jealous and looks at the cake.

Vanraj’s boss comes there with his son. Vanraj welcomes them to his family and introduces his family and Dimpy. Kavya tells Kinjal that Anupama will not come. Kinjal says she wants Mummy to come. Romil asks Choti if she is excited and tells that they are 5 mins far. Anupama stops the car recalling Vanraj’s words. Anuj calls her and asks her to come back. He says if she want to go then can go and do whatever she want to, and says I am with you.

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