Anupama Starlife January 2024 teasers

Anupama January teasers 2024: Samar finds himself in a tough spot where he has to choose between Anupama and Malti Devi’s contract, who will he choose?

Starlife Anupama January teasers 2024.

Monday 1 January 2024
Episode 977
Anupama visits the Kapadia house, emotionally affected by Anu’s situation. Upon discovering Malti Devi’s conditions, Anuj reaches a decision.

Tuesday 2 January 2024
Episode 978

Anuj is concerned about Anu’s declining health; the Kapadias encourage Anu to be brave, while the Shahs reflect on Anupama’s significant contributions to their lives.

Wednesday 3 January 2024
Episode 979

Anuj struggles emotionally, unsure about calling Anupama and improving Anu’s condition; the Shahs plan a surprising gesture for Anupama.

Thursday 4 January 2024
Episode 980

Anupama’s family bids her a heartfelt farewell for her new journey; the Kapadias are anxious, and Anu eagerly awaits meeting Anupama.

Friday 5 January 2024
Episode 981

Anupama faces a dilemma overhearing Anu’s distress, while Anuj strives to control his emotions, allowing Anupama to pursue her dream.

Saturday 6 January 2024
Episode 982

Anuj shares Anu’s condition with Hasmukh, and Vanraj proposes taking Anu to the Shah house, yet Anuj hesitates.

Sunday 7 January 2024
Episode 983

Anuj is shattered as Anu goes missing from the Shah house; shock ensues when Anu and Anupama are found together in an orphanage by Anuj and Vanraj.

Monday 8 January 2024
Episode 984

Anuj consoles Anupama during an emotional breakdown; a furious Malti Devi makes a shocking decision against Anupama.

Tuesday 9 January 2024
Episode 985

Anupama feels anxious during Malti Devi’s visit to the Kapadia house. Later, she gives a befitting answer when asked to justify her decision.

Wednesday 10 January 2024
Episode 986

Malti Devi lashes out at Anupama in a fit of rage, blaming her for ruining a lifetime of efforts. Later, Anupama shares her experience of meeting Maaya’s illusion.

Thursday 11 January 2024
Episode 987

Anupama’s family supports her against Malti Devi’s anger. Malti Devi decides to attack Anupama’s motherhood in an attempt to ruin her life.

Friday 12 January 2024
Episode 988

The Shahs criticise Dimple for her statement on Anupama and Malti Devi’s conflict. Meanwhile, Anupama organises a surprise party to make Anu feel special.

Saturday 13 January 2024
Episode 989

Anupama avoids false news about Malti Devi, choosing to apologise. Meanwhile, Samar encounters issues as authorities seize the dance academy.

Sunday 14 January 2024
Episode 990

Anupama visits Gurukul to apologise to Malti Devi. However, forgiveness comes with a strange condition set by Malti Devi.

Monday 15 January 2024
Episode 991

Samar informs Anupama that her dance academy is sealed due to a lack of license. Anupama is frightened, considering Malti Devi’s vow.

Tuesday 16 January 2024
Episode 992

Samar is upset over job hunting, and the Shahs console him. His anger flares when Dimpy takes him to meet Malti Devi.

Wednesday 17 January 2024
Episode 993

Samar finds himself in a tough spot where he has to choose between Anupama and Malti Devi’s contract.

Thursday 18 January 2024
Episode 994

The Shahs question Samar for accepting a job from Malti, but he defends his decision. Nakul criticises Malti’s plan to use Samar against Anupama.

Friday 19 January 2024
Episode 995

Dimple supports Samar as he questions working with Malti Devi. Paritosh vows to be a responsible son and stands by Anupama.

Saturday 20 January 2024
Episode 996

Kavya wrestles with guilt over keeping Vanraj in the dark and contemplates confessing. The Shahs and Kapadias celebrate Kavya’s baby shower.

Sunday 21 January 2024
Episode 997

Malti Devi isolates herself, reflecting on her sacrifices as a mother. Adhik assigns Pakhi to work at Anuj’s office.

Monday 22 January 2024
Episode 998

Kavya decides to confess her pregnancy truth to Anupama, who is shocked upon discovering Dimple’s hatred towards her.

Tuesday 23 January 2024
Episode 999

Anupama is moved as Anuj expresses gratitude, but Kavya’s confession leaves her stunned.

Wednesday 24 January 2024
Episode 1000

Anupama reprimands Kavya upon learning the truth. Despite accepting guilt, Anupama encourages Kavya to confess to Vanraj.

Thursday 25 January 2024
Episode 1001

Anupama is shocked to find Vanraj devastated outside the room. Kavya questions him about his silence.

Friday 26 January 2024
Episode 1002

Ankush’s son Romil returns home, facing Barkha’s rejection. Kavya is shocked as Vanraj supports Barkha’s decision.

Saturday 27 January 2024
Episode 1003

Vanraj experiences an emotional breakdown due to Kavya’s deception. Witnessing Ankush and Barkha’s conflict, Anuj and Anupama make a firm decision about Romil.

Sunday 28 January 2024
Episode 1004

Pakhi persuades Adhik for another chance in their marriage. Meanwhile, Vanraj asks Anupama to conceal the truth about Kavya’s deception from everyone.

Monday 29 January 2024
Episode 1005

Vanraj refuses to accept Kavya’s baby; Anupama has a nervous breakdown after a frightening dream.

Tuesday 30 January 2024
Episode 1006

Samar and Dimpy showcase their new car, facing questions from Vanraj and Paritosh. Tensions escalate, leading to Vanraj slapping Samar for insulting Paritosh.

Wednesday 31 January 2024
Episode 1007

Vanraj cautions about Malti Devi’s manipulation of Samar against Anupama; Anupama intervenes, preventing a confrontation between Vanraj and Malti Devi.

Premiere episodes of Anupama air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 21h00.


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