A love to die for update Thursday 10 February 2022

A love to die for 10 February 2022: Deep and abhi fight. Virat says how could they run. tara says deep has to die. Arohi is going close to the secret and risking his life even more. By the time she knows it would be late. Abhi says we let you live in our house and your mom. You killed our dad and took everything from us? Deep says you can’t fool me with this story. I have never even see your dad. Abhi beats him. arohi comes and stops them. Arohi says Abhi you promised me you wont do anythin. He didn’t kill anyone. Abhi says I saw it with my own eyes. Guru ma says open your eyes. By the time you know deep’s reality it would be very late. Aroi says I have to find out that secret.ARohi sees a man in hoodie outside deep’s room. ARohi hits that person but he runs. Deep hears noise and comes out. Aroi stops im and says who are you.. Someone hits hit Arohi and the guy runs Arohi says I saw saree. Some woman helped him? Only guru ma and ma ji wear saree.

Arohi wears the glasses that man left there. See rays. She says see from this deep. If you step out this current will kill you. She find a remote and stops it. Arohi says thank God you are fine. Deep says but you trust that Abhi? He accuses me of his father’s death. Arohi says he has a misunderstanding. Deep says he wants to bring your close with this drama. ARohi hugs him. She says don’t ever leave me. I am very scared. I don’t wanna lose you. Deep takes her to room. Deep comes close to her. Deep takes her to bed and they get intimate.Abhi is in his room. he sees someone with a hoodie. The person is about to stab him but abhi catches him. It was deep. He runs. Abhi calls Arohi. Her hands are roped. Abhi says deep tried killing me. She says deep can never do that. Aroi says who roped me here. Deep comes and says who did this. Deep says I was coming to check you. Lights turn off. Deep says Mr. X is doing all this for sure. Deep says let me go and check.

Tara comes to store and says why did wasu call me here?Aorhi comes to wasu’s room to check for proofs. She sees a packet. ARoh finds a painting. She sees a file with a map.Tara says to wasu we shouldn’t meet like this. Why did you call me here? Wasu says you called me here. tara says someone fooled us.Arohi says what place is this and this map?tara says that Arohi made us fool. Wasu says is she looking for proofs in the house? They rush to wasu’s room. Arohi hides. Wasu says thank God she didn’t come here. tara says she is very clever. She will try to find that secret. Wasu says my son’s life would be in danger if Arohi finds that secret. Arohi is overhearing. She wonders what secret is that.

Virat and Opasna come to a masquerade party. She says MR. X will come to this party and we will catch him there. tara comes there too. Arohi comes there too. Deep comes too. They dance on the floor. They collide. Deep falls down. Arohi says you.. A man falls. He touched something poisonous and died. Arohi says this is some kind of reactions. Seh looks around. Arohi says what could it be.Arohi says to deep those gloves had the poison. It was for me so I dance with you and you die. That guy fell on me and touched those gloves and died. Deep says they can’t fool us. Mr. X’s death is waiting for him. The party continues. They dance.Opasna comes to Virat. He says you could be Mr. X too. Deep says to Aroi you look beatiful. Arohi sees the mark on deep’s glass. She throws it away. The fumes come out of liquid. Arohi saysd deep are you okay? He says yes.

Arohi sees a huge painting of hers. Arohi says this painting.. Deep says I made your painting but it didn’t have rose in your hair. Deep falls down. aRohi says don’t go near it. It is poisonous. she says let’s go from here.A masked man comes Someone throttles Aroi and hits deep. Deep fights him. He says today I will take off your make. He is about to take off the mask. Someone hits deep’s head. Mr. X runs. Arohi sees the person who hit deep and saved Deep running. It is wasu. Arohi is dazed.

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