The Road to Paradise Telemundo: Full story, plot summary, casts, teasers


The road to paradise telemundo

A fifteenth century curse of the black pearl is having a terrible effect on the lives of it’s victims many years later, how will they break free?

Full story/ plot The road to paradise telemundo:

In 1519 a Mayan priest, Ahzac, discovers that his daughter Ixmy has fallen in love with a white foreigner. He plans to sacrifice her as a gift to the gods, along with items made of gold and a black pearl. Ixmy avoids her fate, and Ahzac curses the black pearl: “Whoever has this pearl in their possession will never be able to know what happiness is!”

In 1987, Eliseo Bravo and Hernán Lazcano explore the coral reefs of Cozumel and discover the black pearl. When Hernán touches the pearl, Ahzac’s curse takes effect. Eliseo’s greed leads to Hernán’s death, leaving his wife Analy to raise their newborn daughter Aymar alone.

Nineteen years later, Aymar Lazcano is a beautiful young woman. After her mother is murdered by a jealous suitor when Aymar rejects him, she lives with family friend Pablo Solis. She meets Nicolás Bravo, Eliseo’s son, and they fall in love.

Avaricious Maura Duran meets the main characters in the guise of Karina Rosemberg, a rich heiress whose land Eliseo covets. Manipulated by Maura, Eliseo detests Aymar and her relationship with his son and Maura falls in love with Eliseo’s oldest son David.

The real Karina Rosemberg is in a mental hospital under the care of Aymar, who found her wandering the streets destitute. Karina had met David and fallen in love with him, despite his drunkenness at the time, but he does not reciprocate her feelings because he is infatuated with Maura. Maura’s attempts to separate Aymar and Nicolás include a fake pregnancy (with Nicolás the alleged father), an attempted murder and the killing of Nicolás’ youngest brother, Leonardo.

At the end of the series, Maura is stung by a swarm of bees and dies of anaphylactic shock. David and Karina and Aymar and Nicolás marry, and both couples are happy Nocolás and Aymar with their son Hernán Nicolas jr and their nephew Leonardo and Karina and David with their son Elisèo David.

Full Casts of The road to Paradise
Actor Character
Sara Maldonado Aymar Lazcano Mayú de Bravo

Erick Elías Nicolás Bravo

Mariana Seoane Maura Durán
Alejandro Tommasi Eliseo Bravo
Frances Ondiviela María Teresa Andrade de Bravo
José Luis Reséndez David Bravo
Ingrid Martz Karina Rosemberg de Bravo
Manuel Ojeda Capitán Pablo Solis
Erika Buenfil Patsy Sandoval Montalban
Úrsula Prats Luisa Durán
Julio Camejo José Miguel Díaz Luna
Aarón Hernán Padre Augusto
René Strickler Hernán Lazcano
Eugenia Cauduro Analy Mayú
Mar Contreras Penélope Montalban
Israel Jaitovich Roque Durán
Ernesto D’Alessio Leonardo Bravo
Ferdinando Valencia Lisandro Bravo
Macaria Paloma
Alejandro Duran Roy
Vicente Herrera Aquilino
José Carlos Ruiz Ahzac
Maribel Fernandez Carmelita



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