Zee World: Young Dreams teasers for March 2019


March 2019 teasers now available for Young Dreams showing on Zee World. Read here…

Friday 1 March 2019
Episode 1

Seema devises a plan to get money out of Akash. Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding preperations are underway. Vihaan plans something special for Rachna, little does he know what was going to happen next.

Monday 4 March 2019
Episode 2

Vihaan confesses to Rachna that he is in love with her. Seema makes sure she doesn’t pass up the opportunity to ask for everything she’s always wanted and with the guidance of her aunt, can she be stopped?

Tuesday 5 March 2019
Episode 3

Sangeeta manages to find out that Gunjan’s friends organised a combined bachelor and bachelorette party and it causes a lot of drama, especially when she finds out her husband is also involved.

Wednesday 6 March 2019
Episode 4

Seema manages to get the keys of the house from Shail. Gunjan’s aunt puts Seema and her aunt in their place. Vihaan disguises himself as the dress designer’s assistant, just to see Rachna.

Thursday 7 March 2019
Episode 5

Seema and her Aunt continue to trouble Shail. It’s the Haldi ceremony and Mayank demands that Shail puts the paste on him before his own mother. Thanks to Seema’s carelessness, Gunjan’s jewellery gets stolen.

Friday 8 March 2019
Episode 6

Prabhu demands that Seema hands over the keys to Shail and he also reveals that he has the jewellery. The day of Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding is finally here. Seema and her aunt try to force their old traditions onto the wedding.

Monday 11 March 2019
Episode 7

Mayank spoils the plans of his mother and her aunt as they were on the verge of belittling Akash. Gunjan gets emotional when she watches the video her mom left her. Shail also goes against Seema and her aunt.

Tuesday 12 March 2019
Episode 8

Shail argues with everyone just so that Akash can give away Gunjan. At long last Gunjan and Mayank are married.

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Episode 9

The guests have arrived but Gunjan is nowhere to been seen. Seema gets upset and she tells Mayank that Gunjan is only his wife and not her daughter in law. Once again Seema’s plans are spoiled, but this time by her own husband.

Thursday 14 March 2019
Episode 10

Gunjan impresses everyone with her cooking, everyone except Seema and Sangeeta of course. Mayank surprises Gunjan with a honeymoon trip to Goa. Seema tries to stop the honeymoon from happening.

Friday 15 March 2019
Episode 11

Due to Rachna’s carelessness the entire Saree shop burns down and Dayal is left devastated. Gunjan and Mayank enjoy their honeymoon. Vihaan consoles Rachna.

Monday 18 March 2019
Episode 12

Sangeeta tells Gopal she will not give her jewellery because of Rachna’s mistake. After hearing disappointing news from the insurance, Dayal refuses the help of his two brothers and Shail. Gunjan and Mayank experience a lot of unusual events.

Tuesday 19 March 2019
Episode 13

Mayank and Gunjan come to the realization that someone is following them. Rachna’s creativity reflects on Dolu school project. The mastermind behind all of the unusual events taking place on Gunjan and Mayank’s honeymoon is non other than Charu.

Wednesday 20 March 2019
Episode 14

Gunjan and Mayank enjoy themselves at the beach party – little do they know that everyone at home has been watching them on television. Dayal tells everyone that the only way out is if they mortgage the house. Rachna has a bright idea to design bags.

Thursday 21 March 2019
Episode 15

Rachna makes beautiful bags out of the leftover Saris and Vihaan supports her at every step. Charu’s plan to kill Gunjan fails. Mayank descides that it would be better to go home as he fears for their lives.

Friday 22 March 2019
Episode 16

Gunjan spots Charu and she alerts Mayank. Vihaan finds a buyer for Rachna’s goods, unfortunately he leaves dissapointed. Seema tells Sangeeta, that Gunjan isn’t fit to be her daughter-in-law.

Monday 25 March 2019
Episode 17

All of Rachna’s items get sold and she gets a huge order for more, it looks like things are finally looking up for her. Seema asks Gunjan to drop out of college and become a full time housewife.

Tuesday 26 March 2019
Episode 18

Gunjan and Mayank get a warm welcome at the college after their marriage. Vihaan mortgages his car to get a loan for Rachna from the bank. Rachna shows her creativity to Gunjan and she is left amazed.

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Episode 19

Mayank gives Dayal half a million just to help him recover his business. Seema plays her tricks to try and create a rift between Mayank and Gunjan… will her plans be successful or will she be exposed?

Thursday 28 March 2019
Episode 20

Rachna and Vihaan manage to convince the store owner to sponsor them with the material they need. Seema’s attempt to change Gunjan’s name fails.

Friday 29 March 2019
Episode 21

Gunjan helps Rachna get out of the house because of the huge order that needed to be completed. A Letter gets sent to the house regarding Rachna’s short attentance at college.


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