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Ruhana Khanna (Instagram)

For a while, I have been meaning to delve into the personae behind the character Gangaa in Gangaa Zee World series . Everything about her acting prowess, her charisma, her intelligence as portrayed in the series is desirable.

I dare say she is the kind of child you would point as an example for your own child to emulate.

And very much true because a cursory look at Ruhana Khanna’s social media profiles has revealed her to be your average child going through school, adoring her friends and parents while living her life to the fullest.

Ruhana Khanna in Gangaa

Did you know she started her acting career at the age of Seven in 2015? She started as Child Gangaa and then returned to the season two as Krishna the daughter of Sagar and adult Gangaa.

For her exceptional role in the series she won A Best Child Actress awards while the show won the award for Best Programme with a Social Message at the Indian Telly Awards in 2015. – Wikepedia

Ruhana Khanna is simply a smart child steadily working her way to a beautiful future.

Ruhana Khanna in gangaa Zee World recent picture

Here are some information about Gangaa aka Ruhana Khanna as culled from stars unfolded.

Real Name Ruhana Khanna
Parents Father- Brij Khanna
Mother- Parsy Khanna
Profession Child Actress
Famous Role Gangaa / Krishna Sagar Chaturvedi in TV serial Gangaa

Other information

Date of Birth 1 October 2008
Current age 10 Years
Birth Place New Delhi, India
favourite game Skipping, football, hide & seek, stone paper scissor
Nationality Indian
Hometown New Delhi, India
School Indraprastha World school, Paschim Vihar, Delhi


Ruhana Khanna in gangaa Zee World recent picture

Ruhana Khanna (Instagram)

You can also reach her via her social handles:

Twitter: @ruhanakhanna

Instagram: Ruhana Khanna

That’s the much stalking we can take on her. Do tell us what you love about this child actress also… 

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13 Responses

  1. Martha says:

    Ruhana Khana aka Ganga is such a lovely child that any one would love to be with. So intelligent and humble at such a tender age. She is indeed one of the child actresses that are amazing. Hope she attains the best education to move her countries.

  2. Diamond Ben says:

    Child, you’re simply amazing darling
    I love you baby girl

  3. Diamond Ben says:

    Ganga love
    Child, you’re simply amazing
    Baby girl
    I love you.

  4. ewaoluwa says:

    i love you ruhana

  5. Mariam Nabwire says:

    Nice messages

  6. Tamara Williams says:

    Ruhana Khanna is like a Lecturer Actress, so real and not struggling with acting. Ruhs is so healthy in Beauty (she’s got the complete pack). And India is very Sincere.

  7. Tigidankay Isata Kamara says:

    she is the best, and the best of all. I love u child keep it up.

  8. FAVOUR says:

    Gangaa is really great and talented

  9. Bee says:

    I love her smile,and stubborness aka( self respect)….so cute 😘

  10. Aishat musa says:

    I love u baby girl

  11. Mma says:

    Little Ganga, my dear you are too much, smart, talented etc carry on baby

  12. Josphine Okoha says:

    babe you ar lovely.u act very well

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