Prisoners of love 2 teasers – December 2018


In this final week of prisoners of love season 2, the die is cast, Yolanda is beyond saving and very ready to put a gun to her husband and children…

Monday December 3 2018
Yolanda escapes. She thinks she’s Benedicto’s wife. Ana accepts the help of Emilio to recover El Cirujano’s card. Javier takes the diary of Lemus to memorize the route.

Tuesday December 4 2018
Ana records a video for the Surgeon’s men and Emilio begins to put together the new cartel. El Centauro plans to kill Ana. She and Emilio learn that Yolanda escaped; they pretend in front of the Capo.

Wednesday, December 5 2018
In the middle of the tension with El Capo, Ana delays the delivery of Yolanda one more day. Román goes to the orphanage to check what Javier explained. All but Cristina and El Gato arrive at the hiding place.

Thursday, December 6 2018
Emilio and Ana continue their plan of delivering the fake Yolanda. While trying to locate El Centauro, Gerardo and Javier tie up the Commissioner and Ramón.

Friday, December 7 2018 – season finale!
At the time of delivery, El Centauro notice that his son has betrayed him. Yolanda is ready to kill; she still thinks that she is the wife of Benedicto, she points at Gerardo and her children with a pistol. But something tragic happens afterward


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