Meet the Shoprite beggar with a difference

Meet Abdul, a disabled with a difference. Right outside the entrance to Shoprite Adeniran Ogunsanya, Abdul rolls his chair form one visitor to the other, brandishing his stock of white handkerchiefs and face towel for sale.

Ordinarily you would expect him to be begging for alms from the shoppers, but that should not be expected from the proud and sharp mouthed disabled man. I wanted to take his picture without his knowledge but he caught on sharply and asked if I wanted his picture.

I said I did, and he posed beautifully for me.

He was allowed to move his minute self around the premises of one of the biggest shopping malls in Africa, Shoprite because he had something to offer. Rather than wait for the measly change from shoppers who would hardly pay him any attention; he puts his hand into use.

Dare I say, he is an embodiment of hard work and self-reliance. Being disabled should not confer you to a permanent chair of begging. Neither should limitations and obstacles totally stop you from being all that you can be.

Kudos to all hardworking Nigerian youth out there.

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